Aris Launcher ‘The New Android Launcher’

Use SLock to lock Aris

Do you know you can lock Aris Launcher with lock plugin? If you don’t know, check this out:



Aris Launcher

What is Aris

Use SLock to lock Aris

Aris Launcher not only gives you a both efficient and cool way to use you Android, but also gives you freedom to customize it. If you’ve explored the ‘theme’ session of Aris Store. You’d probably wonder how you can fully customize your Aris. Good news for you, here’s the guide on making your Aris even cooler than it is.


There are two ways to start directories search. input cd and hit enter directly input ‘cd {directory of file you need}. For instance, if yuo’d like to check directory /downloads in the root, simply use cd downloads

Develop scripts

Starting from 1.1.70, Aris provides a few plugins which you can work with to develop plugins based on HTTP request. Here we’ll have a simple example on getting currency to walk you into the usage of these plugins.

Build your plugins

Alias and Folder