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Alias and Folder

Starting from 1.0.90, Alias is officially part of Airs default plugin.

In this post, we’d assume you’ve read through the post Directory. If not, please click the link and check it out.

If you’d like to share the file you lately downloaded from you broswer(let’s say the folder locates in /browser/download/files) to your firends in WhatsApp, you’d probably use:

cd browser/download/files.latest.whatsapp

If you’re going to use it very ofter, typing such long instruction would be unevitably painful. This is where Alias comes in. Use the following instruction to turn this long instruction into a simple word.

cd browser/download/files->latest->whatsapp->add dlw

As you can see, the trick is at ‘->add’. This is what we call Alias.

Now, when you execute ‘dlw’, Aris will equally share the latest file in folder /browser/download/files into WhatsApp.

If you’re not sure which app you’ll be using to share this file, just save this script as ‘dll’.

cd browser/download/files->latest->add dll

Then share it to WhatsApp, Facebook or whatsover:


Moreover, you can add single app or contact using Alias. The app you just added will show up in the folder in the sliding drawer, along with a bunch of other plugins you created using Alias.