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Develop scripts

Starting from 1.1.70, Aris provides a few plugins which you can work with to develop plugins based on HTTP request. Here we’ll have a simple example on getting currency to walk you into the usage of these plugins.

To begin with, type “dddddvlp” to enable develop plugins.

We can get currency rates for various of currencies using this API:

So now copy this url and execute “copy->post”

Within seconds, the console will output


Now, you can connect this message to plugin JGET directly using connect operator. For instance, use

->jget rates  then you'll have 


To take one further step, if you only need the value for USD against CNY, just do

->jget USD

That is to say, the full code of getting the value for CNY against USD is:>post->jget rates->jget usd

Now you’ve created your very first script, congratulations! So I guess you’d very like to save this script so you can check the rate once in a while. Sure can do by connecting your script with “add” and name it “usd” like this:>post->jget rates->jget usd->add usd

After the script is saved, you can simply use usd to get the currency rate.

Now let’s say you have multiple currencies to watch, then you’ll need $s as parameter and save the script so you can use it to get differenct currency rates against CNY. Now the script goes like:$s->post->jget rates->jget usd->add currency

Now you can use


to get currency rate of USD agains CNY.

–To be continued–