Aris Launcher ‘The New Android Launcher’


There are two ways to start directories search.

  1. input cd and hit enter
  2. directly input ‘cd {directory of file you need}. For instance, if yuo’d like to check directory /downloads in the root, simply use cd downloads

Please note that once you’re in directory mode, do not use ‘cd’ again, which is different with Linux.

Once you’re in directory search mode, you will be in the root directory of external storage. You won’t be able to search any other applications or plugins under this mode, until a file is executed or ‘exit’ is executed. If the file you execute is an folder, you’ll go into that folder and you’ll be able to search all the files under that folder. The indicator area will display the current directory.

You can connect a certain file to another plugin, notablly, another application. After connect operation, you will be able to search all the other plugins including applications. For instance, there’s this file


If you want to share this file in WhatsApp, you can do this(with 3 steps)


which is equivalent to

cd download/wallpaper->whasapp

Please also note that, you do not need to input the full folder or filer. Whenever the result you need appears in the leftmost, you can continue with your next code. In this case, your input might be

cd do/w->wh

###Back to parent directory

Under directory mode, you can use


to go back to parent directory. Please note that the plugin that takes you to parent directory is ‘cd..’.

###List all files and folders

Under directory mode, you can use


to list all files and folders

###Move file

You can move files using connection operator. For instance, use

cd download/wallpaer->images

to move file /download/wallpaper.png to folder download/images

###Delete file or folder

You can connect any folders or files to


to delete them. For instance, if you’d like to delete file /download/wallpaper.png, use


Moreover, you can use startsWith or endsWith to delete certain files whose names start or end with certains string. For instance, if you’d like to delete all files in /download that end with avi, you can use

cd download->endswith avi->delete